Accreditation Award Panel Report, Progress School, 19 August 2015

The panel are impressed by the highly personalised approach evident within the school and feel that this is worthy of commendation.

It is evident that there are some pockets of really good practice within Progress School, including communication charts, topic packs, the frequent and detailed reviews of pupil progress, and the positive way in which pupil behaviour is supported.

From the report it is clear that staff enjoy working with the young people and that there is a high degree of consistency in practice. The panel agree with the areas for development identified by the review team but feel that they are not of sufficient importance to be made into recommendations. Nevertheless, the panel are confident that the school will consider these and we look forward to learning of the further development of the school in future.


On the basis of the evidence provided by the review team, the panel are of the view that the school should be commended for the highly personalised approach to education and care that has been adopted. In particular, the panel are impressed by the way that programmes are moulded to individual need and by the support given to families.

Good Practice

The knowledge of autism and its individual presentation informs the ethos of the school and is embedded in the content and delivery of education and care by the whole multi-disciplinary team. The panel feel that this provides for consistency of support and represents good practice.