Progress School is accredited by The National Autistic Society.

Our aim is for young people with autism to not just cope in education, but to thrive. Research shows specialist teaching, specific approaches and support programmes can help to improve outcomes for those students.

We offer a specialist education provision to enable each child and young person in our care to develop their independence, social and educational skills.

We offer structured personalised learning which includes bespoke timetables designed around the individual.

Young people with autism can find education extremely challenging. Our extensive experience in supporting students with autism enables us to break negative cycles, create the right environments and deliver the necessary support needed for a young person to achieve in all areas of their development.

Our therapy team assess sensory processing difficulties and incorporate a personalised programme into each pupil’s daily timetable. Individualised strategies are used to help our pupils overcome each specific barrier to learning.

Our environments, both school and homes, are adapted to the needs of the children and young people to ensure be suitable and predictable for the children and young people we support.

Progress School adopts a multidisciplinary approach to education using the best practice including models such as TEACCH and active learning programmes. Pupils learn how to develop effective learning strategies to overcome their difficulties in social and emotional processing, communication and flexibility in thinking and behaviour. All students have access to the National Curriculum, which is adapted and modified according to the individual needs and abilities of each pupil.